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South Shore Dive

Dive at Popular Koloa Landing!

Quick Details

One Tank Dive Certified Diver, per person + tax
Two Tank Dive Certified Diver, per person + tax

One-of-a-Kind Shore Dive in Kauai

Yes, this dive is from the shore…but not your stereotypical, run-of-the-mill shore dive. With very easy entry and exit, short surface swim and lots of unique and plentiful marine life, the most popular south shore dive site is called Koloa Landing.

This is a shore dive located in very protected Hanaka’ape Bay, which is typically sheltered from surf, wind, and chop. The entry and exit point is a convenient former boat ramp that we use to access the reef.

There is very little surface swimming involved, as the dive site begins just steps off the ramp. We set up all of your equipment close to the water in a comfortable setting complete with chairs and an ice chest full of refreshments and snacks.

Koloa Landing is known as a colorful dive, full of vibrant stony corals as well as a huge abundance of marine life. The large horseshoe-shaped bay allows us to dive into two distinct areas, perfect for a two-tank excursion.

The maximum depth here is approximately 50 feet with an average bottom time of 45 minutes, depending upon air consumption. Our dive times are 8 a.m., 1 p.m. or dusk. Mornings are typically calm on the south shore of Kauai with trade winds picking up in the early afternoon, so our morning dives are amazing.

The animals we encounter at Koloa Landing on a regular basis are: Hawaiian green sea turtles, up to seven species of moray eels (including the rare dragon eel), leaf and devil scorpionfish, octopus, hermit crabs, a variety of invertebrates (cone snails, auger snails, helmet snails, shrimp, sea stars, urchins), and hundreds of tropical fish!

We also have a pair of Hawaiian scarlet cleaner shrimp who will hop right into your mouth if you let them to clean your teeth! This is their job for the fish living on the reef!

On rare occasions, we are lucky enough to encounter frogfish, dolphins, spotted eagle rays and even the elusive reef or Galapagos shark. During the months of December through April, we are also fortunate to hear the sound of Humpback whales singing during our dives here.

Let our professional staff show you the true beauty and magic of Koloa Landing!