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South Island Boat Adventure Dive

A Premium Underwater Journey for Certified Divers - Explore the Wonders of Kauai’s Southern Seas!

Quick Details

Certified Diver (Ages 10+) 2 TANK DIVE, per person + tax
Nitrox Add-On Price per tank + Tax
Exclusively with Dive Kauai -
No Additional Charge For Gear!!

Embark on Dive Kauai's Exhilarating Two Tank South Island Boat Adventure Dive!

A Tailored Diving Experience for Certified Divers – Explore Kauai’s Marine Magnificence!

Dive Kauai proudly introduces the Two Tank South Island Boat Adventure Dive, a diving endeavor meticulously designed for certified divers. This adventure is not just another dive; it’s a sophisticated and enriching underwater expedition for those with a deep-seated passion for the sea. Tailored for divers with significant experience, this adventure usually requires 20 or more logged dives or a dive within the last six months, ensuring a group of skilled divers for a top-tier experience. However, in a unique twist catering to the diverse needs of our clientele, we occasionally offer “All Certified Diver’s Welcome” boats during certain times of the year. These special dives relax the 20 logged dive minimum, opening the doors to a broader range of certified divers when water conditions allow. This adjustment allows more enthusiasts to experience the enchanting beauty of Kauai’s southern coast while maintaining the high standards of safety and enjoyment that Dive Kauai is known for. Whether it’s exploring vibrant coral reefs or encountering the majestic “Honu”, this adventure dive offers an extraordinary opportunity for divers to challenge their skills, connect with the ocean, and share their passion with a community of like-minded individuals.

Boat Diving at its finest with Dive Kauai

Dive Kauai is based out of and departs from the small boat harbor in Poipu on the south of the island.  This is a perfect location for us to have easy access to 13 of the most pristine and exquisite dive sites on Kauai.  Due to the ever-changing water conditions of the island, we will NOT be able to identify or promise which dive sites we will visit for the day. The captain and crew will use their vast knowledge of the conditions and island to pick the best sites for the day based on their observation and experience.  Approximately half of the dive sites could be classified as “Topography” dives, meaning collapsed lava tubes or lava formations.  The other half would be classified as “Reef” dives.  When conditions warrant, we will do our best to pick one of each category of dive site for your 2 tank dive with us.

The most popular dive site on Kauai’s South Side is called “Sheraton Caverns”.  Therefore, we do get to this site quite often, however, conditions may not always warrant this in which case the expertise of the captain and crew will ensure you get to another equally enjoyable site on the tour.  If you want to all but guarantee being able to dive at Sheraton Caverns while here on Kauai, please consider our SCOOTER DIVE.

Divers on our boat dive adventures will encounter the occasional dolphins, an abundance of exotic Hawaiian reef fish, and beautiful hard coral formations.  Let’s not forget, one of the most exciting creatures we will encounter is the Honu; i.e. the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.  Being a Marine Protected Species, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles have come to thrive in the beautiful Kauai waters.  Though we will never guarantee seeing one on the off chances that they are not present at the sites we go for the day, it typically is a matter of how many will we see for most days.  In addition, during the months of December through March, we are also fortunate to hear the sound of Humpback Whales singing during our dives!

There is so much to see and experience on these southern coast dives in terms of pristine reefs and off-shore caverns that diving in these areas becomes a true pleasure.

The fish in these areas are plentiful, the reefs are gorgeous and the weather is almost always sunny and beautiful.  Our captain and crew look forward to sharing their passion and knowledge of marine life and island history with you!

Requirements for Participants

  • Certified Divers Only: This exclusive experience is reserved for divers with significant experience – a minimum of 20 logged dives or a recent dive within the past 6 months is required. (Watch for special boats accommodating “All Certified Divers” during select times of the year.)
  • Age Limitation: Open to divers aged 10 and above. (JR Divers ages 10-14 will need special accommodation, please call to discuss)

Dive Highlights

  • EXCLUSIVE TO DIVE KAUAI – NO Additional Charge For Gear/Equipment!** Yes, you read that right, we will not have any hidden charges for the gear/equipment for our dives.  It’s kind of hard to dive without it and we don’t believe in surprise charges.
  • Competitive Pricing: Priced at $229+tax per person, this premium dive offers exceptional value.
  • Duration: Allocate up to 4 hours for an unforgettable diving adventure.

Dive Kauai’s Signature Offerings

  • Small Group Focus: Dive in intimate groups, with no more than 6 divers per boat, ensuring personalized attention and a better diving experience.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from comprehensive site and marine biology briefings, enhancing your knowledge and dive experience.
  • All-Inclusive Comfort: Enjoy delicious snacks, refreshing beverages, and all the necessary diving equipment, all included in the price.

The “Ho’onui” Experience

  • Our Elite Vessel:** Explore aboard “Ho’onui,” our 26 ft. SeaCat Premium Catamaran, perfectly equipped for a smooth and comfortable diving journey.
  • Selective Dive Sites:** Our vessel transports you to the most exquisite and less-traveled areas of Kauai’s southern coast, promising unique and breathtaking dive experiences.

Marine Encounters and Scenery

  • Rich Marine Life:** Dive into an aquatic world filled with the Honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle), vibrant reef fish, and possibly dolphins, for a truly dynamic underwater experience.
  • Spectacular Seascapes:** From pristine reefs to mysterious offshore caverns, every dive is a visual feast, set against the backdrop of Kauai’s sunny and stunning southern coastline.

Passionate and Knowledgeable Crew

  • Expertise and Enthusiasm: Our captains and crew are not only skilled in navigating these waters but are deeply passionate about marine life and eager to share their vast knowledge of the island’s history.

What does “Experienced Divers” mean?

Mainly during our summer months (April through September) water conditions on the south side of the island can become a bit “bigger” regarding waves/swells.  This has just become a part of life for us, however, for the enjoyment of everyone on board we like to set proper expectations and preface this time of year people need to be more prepared to dive in “bigger water”.

“Experienced” typically means you have at least 20 logged dives under your belt OR you have been diving in the last 6 months.  We mainly are trying to prevent someone with little dive experience or someone with an extended period of time since their last dive from boarding the boat and becoming “that diver” who is not prepared for our bigger water conditions and slows the trip down.  No one wants to be “that diver” and no one wants to dive with “that diver”.  On occasion, we will have a “Beginner Boat” for newly certified divers or restricted divers.  These don’t have the same prerequisites.

If all of your dive history has been in the flat calm bath water like conditions of Mexico or the Caribbean, then we would STRONGLY suggest joining us for our SHORE DIVE tour before joining the boat.  This will allow you to experience our water conditions in a little more protected area of the shore dive and get your gills about you before heading onto the boat.  Plus you’ll get to see our beautiful shore dive location at the same time.

As a general rule, if it’s been more than 2 years since your last dive, please consider joining us for our REFRESHER/REACTIVATE  Dive tour before joining the boat.  Again, ease your way back into diving and get your gills wet before heading onto the boat.

Now we are fully aware that this is just a recommendation and will never tell someone “no” unless they are not certified divers from joining us on our boat dives, however, our dive staff and captains do have full authority to set someone on the boat and prevent them from diving should they see anyone being “that diver”.  Should this happen, we will be unable to offer a refund of any kind for the tour.  Just want to properly set expectations for this dive tour.

Should you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to call our reservations team before making your reservation for this dive.

Make Your Reservation Today!

The South Island Boat Adventure Dive with Dive Kauai is an exclusive, high-caliber diving experience, tailor-made for the discerning diver seeking to explore the depths of Kauai’s majestic southern seas. This is your chance to join an elite group of underwater explorers and discover the hidden gems of the ocean. Book now for an adventure that transcends the ordinary!